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    Subtractive | Origin 02

    Subtractive | Origin 02

    Label: refused.

    Release date: 03.13.17

    Catalog number: RFSD059

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    Risk Seeking Behavior

    Often considered by many as the cradle of Techno, Detroit will always host a horde of prominent rebel artists inspired by the unmistakable mechanistic vibe and soulful feel echoing straight from Motor City’s past. As part of the heirs of Detroit’s representative legacy, it didn’t take long for Alex Hunt to dedicate himself to learning the art of music creation and manipulation, and so, his alter ego, Subtractive was synthesized.

    Making his debut on refused., Subtractive presents ‘Origin’ as two back to back releases of brand new groundbreaking material crafted by the non-traditional production knowledge and skills that Subtractive gathered over the years, encouraged by Detroit’s nightlife.

    Exploring the limits of electronic sound driven by complex synthesis techniques, digital dream-like melodies, and pristinely processed soundscapes that constantly evolve are the perfect match for the industrial pounding of carefully tailored drum patterns and huge sub-heavy bass delivered in both of Subtractive’s ‘Origin’ offerings to Detroit’s Techno spirit. An introspective voyage, qualified to shape the dance floors from Belleville to Ibiza and beyond.