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    Justin James | Directionally Challenged

    Justin James | Directionally Challenged

    Label: refused.

    Release date: 09.19.16

    Catalog number: RFSD052

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    Directionally Challenged
    Justin James

    In November 2016, Justin James will release his first artist album titled ‘Compile’. This offering will consist of hard hitting original productions demonstrating, again, why Justin is held in high regard within the realms of the underground music world. Each track embodies Justin’s powerful percussion and driving basslines which have become authentic signatures of his work and has allowed him to place his stamp on the glorious genre of techno.

    Directionally Challenged, the first single from ‘Compile’, is a deep and dark stripped down piece with an eerie vocal asking the listener a question that many more should ask. This single is a longly anticipated track which was one of the main highlights of Richie Hawtin’s latest Tomorrowland set. We hope you enjoy this single and the entire ‘Compile’ collection.