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    This pack contains 181 minimalistic sounds, textures, drums, and loops hand made by Electronic music Producer N-SOUND. Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, each sound is designed and tuned to get a nice melodic minimal feeling. The collection was crafted using Ableton Lives Operator and Collision, as well as NI Massive, and various live recordings of ambient sounds and vocals. The synths and textures are somewhere between deep and melancholic, the drums are punchy and fat, and the vocals are groovy and dark! Each sample shot truly has its own unique minimal vibe sure enhance or inspire your next project.


    10 Audio FX
    11 Blips
    09 Claps
    19 Hats
    14 Kicks
    14 Snares
    13 Hit Synths
    13 Textures
    15 Vocal clips
    Total = 118 Shots

    8 Kick Loops
    9 Clap Loops
    15 Hat Loops
    10 Perc Loops
    14 Synth Loops
    7 Texture Loops
    Total = 63 Loops

    Total Samples = 181


    Creator: N-SOUND
    Catalogue: RFSDC001
    Release Date: 15 Sept 2015
    Audio Quality: WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit
    Genres: Minimal Techno, Techno, Tech House
    Download Size: 139 MB

    1. DEMO LOOP 01 N-SOUND 0:31
    2. DEMO LOOP 02 N-SOUND 0:16
    3. DEMO LOOP 03 N-SOUND 0:16
    4. DEMO LOOP 04 N-SOUND 0:16