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    Karlos AKA Soulrack, from Spain, has had incredible impact within the electronic music scene to date. In the 90’s he decided to start DJing and producing due to his immerse interest in techno, with a special interest in the house music coming out of Chicago and Detroit. Since then, karlos has continued to grow as a DJ, Producer and on the business side has grown to love doing A&R for his own label, Cray1 Labworks.

    Karlos’ style ranges from early American house, the the melodies of the Motor City producers like Model 500, Juan Atkins, and Kenny Larkins while continuing to encompass the cutting edge sounds of todays modern house and techno and continuing to keep his focus to the links of the dance floor.

    Soulrack has released on labels such as Tenax, Bla Bla, AMAM, Memento, Agile, in addition to his own Label Cray1 Labworks. In Soul rack’s sets we can expect to hear a range of tracks from old school house to new generation tech-house and techno.


    Agency:Cray1 Labworks

    The artist

    Resident in:Vitoria, Spain