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    Rosario, Argentina native Diego Ferrey began his career as a musician in 2000 as a member of several alternative rock bands. After a while he started producing music with various synths, blending many different musical styles, such as industry, tango, classical music, jazz, chill, techno, and goth. While searching for a new sound, he discovered a concept called minimal, and was seduced by artists such as Plastikman, aka Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle, Magda, and Miro Pajic.

    In 2012 he began producing music and expressing his musical knowledge in both melodies and harmonies. He began to make a name for himself and joined many emerging local DJs as resident of a club called El Sotano.

    Diego’s music began to take shape while sharing a cabin with artists such as Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Joseph Capriatti, Jonas Kopp, Stephan Bodzin, Brian Gros, and Gabriel Ferreira. Things really took off after sharing a studio with Le Nardo, another local dJ. Their first EP titled ‘The Menace’ was released on Shinocs Music, a Russian label ran by Maksim Dark. Their second release titled ‘Awakening All The Corpses’ came out on Ninefont Music, a label from Buenos Gabriel and Javier Ferreira. Diego and Le Nardo’s recent collaboration is titled ‘Ice Machine.’

    2012 marked the year Richie Hawtin reached out with amazement by their music and needed to hear more material. His first track on M-nus titled ‘Sex Beat’ was included on a MINMAX compilation with Hobo, Matador, Gaiser, Barem, and many other artists. Diego has since released on labels such as Krad Records, Nulabel, Banm, Herbst und Musik, Creepy Finger, Login Rec, Doma Musique, Lethal Script, and many more. His music has gained support from Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Miro Pajic, Gabriel Ferreira Brian Gros, Yo Montero, and Romano Rapeso.

    Diego’s music is never composed the same way and he loves to experiment using recorded samples and synth oscillators to create different atmospheres from funny to dark, always with a line of well marked low.



    Phone:+54 9 011 156 738 7387

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    Resident in:Rosario, Argentina