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    Jorge Ciccioli

    Jorge Ciccioli


    Jorge is a huge referent from the Argentinian scene. He is one of the resident DJs from the club Crobar Be Techno in Buenos Aires and has also played at famous clubs from around the world such as D.Edge (Brasil), Sisyphos (Berlin), and Unplug Parties in France among others.

    He has released his music on labels such as MINUS, Dekadent Schallplatten, Mo´s Ferry (RRYGULAR), Sensum, 5D, and Jannowitz among others.

    “There’s a character percussive quality to Jorge´s music, a kind of dirty rawness and audacious simplicity. I can never know exactly what Jorge is going to put out next, but I know he won’t let me forget about it, and it will definitely be unique.”
    – Ambivalent


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    Resident in:Buenos Aires, Argentina