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    Francois Dillinger

    Francois Dillinger


    Francois Dillinger, a Detroit native currently living in Baltimore, has been part of the electronic music community for nearly 20 years as a DJ, promoter, and producer. Known primarily for various house-forward releases on labels like This Ain’t Bristol and Anabatic, he’s recently made the transition back to his musical roots, bringing to life his brand of ‘bass-infused techno from the depths of an alien ghetto.’ His tracks are hypnotic, minimal and occasionally feature dark, sparse melodies with original vocals aimed at evoking an emotional response. Francois also runs a small label featuring some of his favorite producers in techno and house called DONTDOIT, along with a podcast highlighting his musical range called the DONTCAST.


    Agency:Rogue Agency

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    Resident in:Baltimore, MD