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    Now and then a friendly greeting over the garden fence or a warm hello by the property front. For seven long years Alexander Vílar Díaz and René Parrée, without knowing each other personally, lived door to door in the picturesque Eitorf near Cologne. During this time, however, the two techno lovers knew nothing of their common passion for music.

    Alexander Vílar Díaz, born in 1988 in Spain, moved at the age of four with his parents to Germany, but returned every year to his summer home in Petín. It was there he discovered his early love for music as a teenager and first came into contact with electronic sounds. Ever since a performance by the German-Chilean DJ Ricardo Villalobos, the idea germinated in Alex’s dreams to make this kind of music himself. To get a step closer to this plan, he bought his first drum machine, the TR 909 from Roland, which is still today a faithful companion at parties and in the studio.

    On the last night of 2006, Alex and the six years older René met by chance in the Cologne club called Elektroküche and joined a conversation for the first time. Both thereby discovered in surprise, despite their larger age difference, they shared the love of electronic sound art. “New Year, new luck”, Alex thought to himself, and then visited his neighbor René one week after the new year in his music basement.

    At age 18, René began to make music with a buddy and to hold first private jam sessions. Piece by piece, the native German acquired the necessary equipment to produce music and built a studio in the basement of his parent’s home. Today, the studio of the duo is still the suitable chain of events for musical interactions. From then on, the two from Cologne maintained their newly-discovered interests and made music together. Despite continuous efforts to be 100% faithful towards their music, they still lived during the day the ordinary life of a worker and earned a living as a remedial teacher or an industrial mechanic. Along the way, Díaz & Parree produced and published their first 13 tracks. The newest and most successful EP “To Be or Not To Be” on the French label Conflict has been played amongst many artists including Richie Hawtin. In addition, the two newcomers were already working with Alfred Heinrichs or Vito & Danito, performing in Germany (including Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf), Greece, Holland, and France on the controllers. Diaz & Parree describe their sound as a very elaborated, groovy techno or tech-house. Partly intuitive as Alex, partly systematic through René, but always timely aimed, qualitative, practically comprehensive, and largely technical. Both develop their sets and draw upon a variety of hardware including UAD cards and various diverse plug-ins. Even though the latest tracks are going more and more towards techno, it is always important for the duo that the track not only is “functional” but also sounds like music. With everything, the groove is the most important thing! It can also be felt when you hear the guys play live, and you see how the audience in front of the console flip out and surrender to the music.

    With groove and mutual motivation, both will stay side by side for the preceding months and even years. True to René’s motto: “Music is beautiful. Music together is better. If our styles do not mix, I’ll probably be melancholic … “! A sign that both artists in their music and techno affair, like in any good relationship demand support and complementation. In addition to their own series of events, Redondo Díaz & Parrée want to hold on to their monthly publications as well as numerous performances to promote their music. Furthermore, the lively exchange of ideas from Díaz & Parrée with the Berliner DJ Alfred Heinrichs contributed to the lively exchange of fruitful ideas. Through various individual and professional projects, a close friendship between both parties began. In the meantime, the musical development of the duo convinced the label owner of Moon Play Records in recent weeks more and more. New appealing productions and also the fact that electro legend, Richie Hawtin, played tracks of the Cologner’s, confirming him in his decision to sign both artists under Moonplay Records and to publish their works. For Heinrichs, it is important that the guys don’t bend their style and continue to produce their groovy techno.

    Through their enthusiasm and perseverance, the two are on the way to the top of the techno scene, which the many requests in recent months confirm. The aim is not only the music, but also to be fully able to live from the music.



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