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    Carlo Ruetz

    Carlo Ruetz


    Born in Rostock Carlo Rütz was fascinated by the sound of music at an early stage. He was often in clubs until the early hours of the morning and found his way to electronic music. In 2001, he bought his first turntables and mixer. In the attic of his parents, he built a small studio and recorded his first set with a tape recorder. He devoted himself to the minimalist bar, which is still reflected in his subbasspressenden tracks. He started off with small performances and two years later performed as DJ-synonym “Jason Wawn” at clubs in Rostock, Neubrandenburg as well as open airs in Pütnitz. His first major highlight of his career was the open air “Pütnitz Wakes Up” in a line up with known International and National artists such is Troy Pierce, Dapayk, Heartthrob, and Tommy Gun. Five years ago, Carlo started producing his own tracks, inspired by artists such as Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Daniel Steinberg, and Magda. Since 2010 “Jason Wawn” has been performing under his real name Carlo Ruetz.
 Driven by his ambition to produce successful tracks he released his first debut success with “I’m Fucking Famous.”
 His EP “Handmade” supported by Alfred Heinrichs released for the first time on his home base label “Supdub.” More releases followed until March 2013 where Carlo Ruetz released his first album called “Breakthrough“ on “Supdub Digitales.” The name was also its attention: Though within 24hrs after release, the album crashed into the minimal Beatport charts and asserted itself on the pole-position for more than three weeks. Amongst other great productions, this was the reason for an invitation for playing at Richie Hawtin´s ENTER. parties in Rummelsburg/Berlin and the legendary Space-Club in Ibiza. Since these happenings, Carlo Ruetz has already played at several Minus-Showcases. Richie Hawtin himself counts Carlo Ruetz to the new minus-generation.


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    Resident in:Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany