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    Ante Ujevic

    Ante Ujevic


    Hailing from Windsor, Canada, Ante Ujevic first began listening to electronic music at an early age when he stumbled across his father’s old cassette collection. He discovered acts such as Jean Michael Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, which urged him to uncover more sounds.

    However, it was not until he paid a visit to Footwork, a small, underground club in Toronto, renowned for
    bringing in the world’s leading Tech House and Techno producers/ DJs that he began to fully explore and experiment with this genre of music. As a child, Ante had grown up playing the guitar, making his transition into producing an organic one. His instinctive fascination to create new sounds, that had not yet been heard, and which he could connect to a particular emotion or feeling became the foundation for his music.

    Ante’s music may be best described as Minimal Techno. He focuses greatly on creating atmospheric melodies that are simple, dark and groovy with bouncy kicks, big basslines and deep atmospheres. He has gained the support of fellow Windsorite Richie Hawtin, along with many other MINUS artists such as
    Justin James, MRDIE and Brian Gros.

    Ante contests that a major catalyst in bringing his productions to a heightened level was taking an Abelton Masterclass with Justin James. He has since released on James’ label, refused., as well as Teknologik and Black Swan, which have all become platforms for most of Ante’s current music. Ante’s biggest musical inspirations have been Plastikman, Stephan Bodzin and Martin Buttrich, whom may all be reflected in his productions and yet, he remains to uphold a sound that is incredibly unique in his own.


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